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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Choosing a Wallet

As a shopaholic on a budget, I always invest more money toward a bag, a classic jacket and a pair of great shoes. Then I go really cheap on wallet. Guess what? No one sees my wallet, right? Right? And it is never a part of an OOTD anyway. Then recently, my old DKNY wristlet which I've had for years and used as a wallet is showing a bit more wear than I feel comfortable with. Believe me, it is on verge of falling apart. The leather-like material has gotten stretched beyond repair and it feels like the kind of plastic about to be torn. Yup, time to replace a wallet. And this time, I want a colourful one.

I thought about a Chanel Wallet on Chain was almost the same price as a mini. But I didn't like the look of the WOC and I would never wear it as part of my outfit. So why pay so much for something that will be hidden in my bag? NEXT!

I went through a load of Youtube VDOs and everyone had an LV. I personally am not a fan of LV. I just don't feel it. All those reviews said a few things on repeat though. LV wallet is durable and can be carried as a clutch. I like the idea but I still don't feel the LV. I don't like LV monogram and the epic leather just doesn't feel right to me. Moving on.

I went shopping and got into Gucci, Saint Laurent and finally wandered into Givenchy. I have never given Givenchy much thought. But I ran into this colourful wallet from their Egyptian Print collection on sale. And I found the one!

Why? It's coated canvas much like typical LV wallet, but its print is amazing. I love that there're so many colours printed on a black background. It just means that it will be durable and it will double up as a clutch should I need one. I also love that it's different. It's not the basic wallet everyone seems to have. Best of all? I got it for 40% off. *wink*

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Chanel Cuba Cruise 2017 Boy Bag Everyone's Talking About

Here they are, the pastel rainbow Boy Bags from Cuba Cruise Collection. These are the bags every fashionista has been dying for ever since we have got a glimpse of one on the runway. I was dying for one for months. It is the unicorn colours that somehow remind me of a cotton candy and every good memory of my childhood toys. These bags are insane.
$4,700 and $3,100

I have been waiting and waiting for them to release this bag for so long. I keep checking Chanel website and all the handbags enthusiasts blogs. Then here they are. Guess what? I didn't buy the bag. I know. It's such an anticlimax to say it. No, I did not purchase the bag and I do not want to. At least, not anymore.

I have not even gone to the store to take a look at one. I just don't want to get the bag. I wonder if looking at something for too long makes me get bored? But I don't usually get bored of my clothes easily. I cannot seem to place my finger on it. I just don't want to carry it. There are several, little reasons why though. Maybe they add up.

My biggest reason out of all those little devilish voices is that this bag doesn't go with my clothes at all. I love colours, but I have a hard time pulling off pastels. They tend to make me look pale. Then I think of Coco Chanel and what she said about the best colour is the one that looked good on you. That makes me rethink about this bag. So I guess Chanel has warned me against Chanel?

I thought about wearing this pastel rainbow Boy with white dresses. But then how often will that be? If I know I'm not going to wear the hell out of a bag, I'm not going to spend that much money on it. It's a bag. It shouldn't be sitting on a shelf doing nothing. Sometimes I really hate the reasonable side of my brain. 

Then here is another reason. This bag is so recognisable. It's so famous to the point of looking quite seasonal. A seasonal bag should not cost as much or more than a classic one. I've already got a black Boy Bag in old medium. Investing in another Boy in another colour and material seems quite extreme even for a Chanel lover like me. And I would never trade my rather classic looking Boy for a seasonal one. Selling the one I've got is out of the question.

The last reason is... I'm also eyeing another bag from another brand. It's the infamous Gucci Dionysus. I do not think I will end up purchasing it. But if I have to choose, I will go with a red Dionysus. I guess we will have to wait and see if I will get the Gucci one next year. I always try to wait out a little in case I get bored.

What do you think about this pastel rainbow Boy? Will you purchase it? Or are you waiting out for something a little more classic and a bit easier to wear?

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Overflowing Closet and Organizing Tips

Dear fellow shopaholics,

Here's a post that deals directly with our first world problem -- an overstuffed closet. It seems like we never let an inch go unused. But with our closet coming near the point of explosion, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Organizing and throwing a few things out.

I suppose we all know that hanging things where you can see leads us to wearing them more and prevents us from buying what we've already got. Plus, folding heavy knitted tops prolongs their lives. But even after folding everything neatly and colour coding all those on the hangers, we still don't have enough space. So what do we do?

Since there's no more space IN the closet, I suggest looking above or under. With cute storage boxes, I manage to put a lot of winter scarves and keep's sake pieces in the boxes on top of my closet. Remember those Chanel boxes? It's time we put them to use. Cute, classy and neutral, these black boxes are great when you want something better than a plain cardboard.

Look under your desk/table, too. A few cute storage boxes won't hurt. I found a few round shaped ones and they're great for keeping my bikinis and socks. Shopaholics' problem, I know.

It's also worth cleaning out your closet at least once a year. I've found so many souvenir tees taking precious space, hanging in my closet. After wearing them a few times, I usually just fold them up and put them in my PJs drawers. I have never needed a new PJs ever since.

Here comes the most terrifying thing about closet cleaning -- decision. It's that one thing to move a piece or to turn it into a sleepwear, but it's completely another thing to throw it out. I have a hard time throwing things out. But at the end of the day, if it has hole, it has to go. If you wait years to get them fixed, chances are you're not going to fix them at all.

And for the bag ladies out there, let's clean out our bags collection, too. Cracked leather has to go. I have a few white bags that have turned yellowish or developed brown spots. Bags have brown spots? Like an ageing human? Yup, they do. You will have to decide whether it's worth sending these to bag spa and see if they come back brand new. And then there's a DIY hand paint option. Or you throw them out. For me, I keep them for my future DIY projects. I'm reading reviews on leather paints and things to do when hand painting a leather. If it works, these bags will come out on this blog. If not, they will go straight to trash can.

Let's talk shoes. This is the one things I hardly talk about here but it's also one of the most important thing in an entire outfit. If you can't walk in your shoes, you can't make any outfit look good. As much as I am into bags, I always pick comfortable shoes. Flats, to be exact.

Dirty sneakers go in and out. Now they do squeak clean white sneakers and many of you may have tried putting yours in a washing machine. If they turn out great, congratulations. If they come out hard as a rock, time to dump them and go shopping. Stumbling in sneakers that hurt looks even more stupid than falling from a pair of 6-inch heels. At least, girls can sympathise with your struggle in Louboutins. But who can understand your walking funny in trainers.

Vintage leather shoes look great. But that's not the same as ruined leather. I have a few pairs of leather shoes that were soaked in the rain and in the morning after, they became iron. The leather didn't stretch or move with my feet anymore. No point feeling bad about throwing them out. They're only there taking too much space in my shoes closet anyway.

But enough with throwing things out. There are a few things that can be fixed. Any leather that looks and feels dry can be conditioned. Shoes with worn sole can be sent to a cobbler and most will turn out great. Just think if it's worth fixing. Some pieces just don't belong in your closet anymore. That's why you never get them fixed in the first place.

After going through all the cleaning and organizing, don't rush into buying new things and stuff your closet all over again in 24 hours. Give it some time. Maybe you've got everything you need. And most likely, you will find quite a few unworn pieces you want to wear coming out of hiding anyway.

Have fun tidying up your closet!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Style Quiz: What Chanel Bag Should You Get?

Most people recommend Chanel Classic Flap as the first Chanel bag. But we don't have to start our obsession the same way, do we? Let's take a quiz here and find out what bag you should purchase. Don't peak at the answers.

1. What's in your bag?
A. Wallet, house key, car key, mobile phone, and maybe a mini iPad.
B. I don't know. Let's see. Money, cards, keys, phone, random piece of paper, two lipsticks, and a mascara.
C. Makeup. A full case of it. Eyeshadow palette, three black eyeliners, two mascaras, fake lashes, brow kit, lipsticks, lip pencil, lip glosses, nail polish, ummm. Oh! Some cash and my phone. Shoot! I forgot my keys.
D. My phone, some cash and gums.

2. What shoes are you wearing?
A. Work shoes?
B. Depends. Usually, a pair of ballet flats. Sometimes a pair of converse.
C. Louboutins. 4 inches or nothing.
D. Sneakers. I have them in every color of the rainbow.

3. Your typical makeup consist of...
A. Sun screen and eyeliner. I'll throw in a bit of mascara and lip balm if I'm going out.
B. Sometimes nothing. Sometimes smokey eyes.
C. Full makeup. Eyes, lips, cheeks. Contouring and highlighting. Everything.
D. It's changing all the time. But it must always be trendy.

4. Pick an Hermes
A. Birkin or Bolide
B. Kelly or Birkin
C. Croc or ostrich Birkin
D. Lindy or Constance

5. What other iconic bags do you love?
A. Saint Laurent SDJ, Givenchy Nightingale
B. Celine Box, Fendi Peekaboo
C. Louis Vuitton monogram anything
D. Chloe Drew, PS1

6. How do you feel about the mini bag trend?
A. It's not my style.
B. Cute. But maybe just one is enough.
C. Not enough space for my makeup. But I have a few for a night out.
D. LOVE it.

7. Why do you like Chanel?
A. Durable and classy.
B. Goes with everything.
C. It's one of the top brands and I love the CC.
D. I discover it through YouTube and blogs. It's a trendy classic.

8. Little Black Dress with...
A. Pearl earrings
B. Silver sandals
C. Red stilettos
D. Cool clutch in a neon or metallic colour

9. Evening gown style
A. Long sleeves, fitted around my torso, tea length
B. Sleeveless, backless, floor length
C. Sweetheart neckline, mermaid with lots of glitters
D. Asymmetrical everywhere with embellishments only on one shoulder.

10. Your closet consists of...
A. Beige, black, navy, red, white
B. Black, white, pastels
C. Pink, red, ... Is glitter a colour?
D. Every colour you can imagine and more

Here comes the answer!

Mostly A
Executive tote, GST, Classic Jumbo or Maxi. Because you're a practical working woman, you need a functional bag you don't need to baby. You also would want a bag with staying power, so you don't look out of place five years from now.  Your no nonsense approach to life also extends to your closet. Everything must be user friendly and office ready. That's why most, if not all, your Chanel bags are in caviar leather.

Mostly B
Classic, Reissue 2.55 or a classic looking seasonal bag. You love classic pieces with a little twist and you most likely have a very organised closet. A Classic or a Reissue hold their value very well. But as you are probably thinking, you're not the type to shop every time a season changes. That's why a seasonal Chanel piece that looks almost identical to their infamous flap is also a good choice. It's unique and more affordable.

Mostly C
GST or Classic Jumbo in fun colours and materials. Maybe some limited edition totes. You love fashion and carry load of stuff with you all the time. You are the one who has all the answers to every fashion emergency right in your bag, a lady's second closet. That's why you need bigger bag. But that doesn't mean you can't carry a Chanel. The GST will fit everything you can imagine. And with a little organising and adjusting, a Jumbo is also a great choice. What's great about Chanel is that their classic pieces come in many colours. You can have fun with them all and once you're bored, you can most likely sell the bags without losing too much money. Some people do gain a little with the limited edition pieces.

Mostly D
WOC or Boy bag in small or old medium. You are the trendy one who lives a carefree life. Your love for colours and one of a kind pieces knows no young. Small bags are great for you because who needs extra weight on their shoulder when shopping. It's also more wallet friendly to buy three small bags in different colours than three full sized ones. You most likely have too many accessories than your closet space allows. Good news is adding a small WOC or Boy Bag will not break your shelves. And those do keep their value in case you get bored or need an upgrade.

So what bag are you purchasing this time? I've already got a Boy bag and now I'm eyeing a WOC as I haven't got a good wallet yet. Anyway, happy shopping!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Style Guide: How to Deal with that one Competitive Copycat

Fashion enthusiasts take inspiration from each other all the time. We often have a few of the same items, especially the classic pieces. End of the day, it's not a customised piece. But even if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, sometimes it's too much. And we all know that annoying someone.

The first obvious thing I do when I meet my copycat is to ignore her imitation. Acknowledging it will only encourage her to keep buying whatever I have. She has to be doing it for a reason like getting attention. Sometimes a girl just doesn't look good enough to attract someone but if she has a twin, that's another story. These girls are super annoying. They are like a basic music group with members in semi uniform. They can't think for themselves and they keep repeating whatever they're told. Not giving them attention sends a straight forward signal that they fail to gain their attention by copying you.

The second thing is to trust your personality. Not everyone look the same in a school uniform. Why shouldn't your personality be enough to pull off your outfit better? I know a girl who buys what I've bought because she can't stand me having what she doesn't. But I bought what suits my personality and body. So she ends up with less money on her bank account and more clutter in her closet. I have never seen her with that item even though she loves flaunting her stuff on Instagram. So her better judgement takes care of that for me. Just a little too late to save her the money.

But here comes the most annoying part. Yup, that copycat tries to copy your face. When you have a feature that stands out and people compliment you on it, there's going be someone who can't take it. So she has to get the makeup done and tries to sit next to you to get the same compliment. Sometimes you will meet the villain with her sidekick whose job is to point it out, so she can get the same compliment. Most of the time people nod along to be polite. But we all know that combing your eyebrows up and fill them in will not instantly turn you into Cara Delevingne. Have you seen a badly drawn on brows? Disastrous. Just know that keep peace. Pointing it out that her face is funny isn't elegant, so we will leave this girl to fend for herself in the world of her very own comment section. And if her minions are great at giving her fake praises, you know where delusional people will end up.

Have you ever met a copycat? What did he/she copy? Mine bought a Chanel Boy bag. I don't know if she successfully sell it. But best wishes.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Style Quiz: What's Your Bag Collection Said About You?

I have been seeing quizzes and blogs on what your bag says about you. But I have so many different bags and one cannot represent my entire collection. Now I'm inspired to make my own quiz based on people I know, what their bag collections are like, and how they choose their bags. Feel free to skip questions that don't apply to you. Have fun taking the quiz!

1 What's the deal breaker when it comes to buying a bag?
A) It has to fit all my essentials.
B) It has to look good on me.
C) It better photographs well and it has to be eye catching.
D) It makes me look rich and stand out among other elites.

2 What's the number one thing that comes to mind when you're looking to add a bag to your collection?
A) Price, materials, and staying power.
B) Sometimes it's the trend, but most of the time I buy what I like.
C) Trend
D) Does Kim K have one?

3 Choose your favorite brands?
A) Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Gucci, Prada
B) Chanel, Dior, vintage Hermes from my grandmother which still has her pen marks on. Sometimes I choose a great design from mid range brands and a few random cheapos.
C) Can't choose. All the iconic ones from every major designer, really. But they have to fit my budget. #minibag
D) Exotic Birkin, limited edition Chanel, and whatever's flashy expensive.

4 How do you carry your bag?
A) Sometimes with my hand, but usually I use the should strap. Seriously, I'm always on the phone or I'm texting.
B) Whatever fits the day. Mostly, on my shoulder.
C) Like a clutch. Great for posing and showing off my style. Hey! I look like a runway model!
D) Crook of my arm, or course. It shows off the bag perfectly.

5 Why do you love Chanel?
A) Caviar leather is so tough. It practically lasts forever making the cost per wear really low. And it transition from day to night really well.
B) Freebies from mom that stay relevant even now. What's not to love?
C) Square mini is so trendy.
D) I saw a bright teal chevron flap on Kim and I knew it was the bag for me.

6 What is your Chanel collection like?
A) Executive tote, GST, and a Medium flap. All in Black or neutral colours.
B) I received a vintage flap as a gift, but I bought my own Boy, Reissue and Classic Jumbo on my family vacation in Paris.
C) Square mini in black, Medium flap in black with gold hardware, yellow Boy brick clutch, and I have my eyes on a red Chevron flap.
D) Classic flaps in every colour of the rainbow.

7 Why do you love Hermes?
A) Despite their crazy pricing, Birkin and Kelly keep their values well.
B) A vintage Kelly reminds me of grandma and her cooking.
C) B25 is Kendall Jenner's bag. It fits the mini trend but the size is still good.
D) I saw these ones on Kris Jenner and they are to die for. And that one with diamond hardware? I'm all in.

8 If you do get to have only one Hermes bag, what will it be?
A) Birkin 35 in black. Practical.
B) I've already got a vintage Kelly and I'll keep it. It's a family heirloom.
C) I'll either hunt down a tattered vintage Kelly in gold or bet on B25 in noir like Kendall.
D) Himalayan Birkin with diamond hardware. Oh! On second thought, maybe the hot pink croc. What's that shade called?

9 Why do you love Dior?
A) I don't love Dior. But if they have a good black tote at a reasonable price, why not?
B) Cute mini bag with great selection of colours. The SAs are so nice. I have had a great in store experience. I'll shop there again.
C) It's all trend. Diorama is where it's at.
D) Lady Di, period.

10 What Dior bag do you have or want?
A) Diorever or Diorissimo. Love the tote
B) Small Lady Dior worn with shoulder strap. Classic and yet trendy.
C) Diorama. Some say it looks too much like Chanel Boy bag. Well, I have both and huge bag charms to add.
D) Just a Medium Lady Dior. I bought it because it's one of those classics, but I rarely use it.

11 Louis Vuitton?
A) Neverfull. Gotta fit everything and leave space for more.
B) Speedy or Alma. It's hand me down. I don't buy my own monogram. I saw it on too many relatives. It's getting really boring.
C) Petite Malle. So chic.
D) Full set of luggage and a carry on.

12 What do you think of Mansur Gavriel bucket bag?
A) Just a trend of a bag that's always out of stock. But I have never liked bucket bags anyway. Too hard to find my stuff in there.
B) Cute. But I've already gotten a few bucket bags and the big ones are not very easy to use.
C) it's LIFE! I have two, actually. I woke up at 3 am to order them online. #bagoftheday
D) What's that? Never seen it on the Kardashian show.

13 What brands are not in your collection and why?
A) Hermes. Despite holding their values, all their bags are all overpriced, hard to get, and the SAs are rude as hell.
B) Louis Vuitton. It's usually my friends' first designer bag. But I don't really get why a monogram canvas is such a big deal. It's more expensive than a good leather.
C) Michael Kors. Go watch Charles Gross VDOs on youtube.
D) Chloe. Their boho style doesn't go with my body con dresses.

14 Which celebrities have the bags you have?
A) I don't know. Who reads celebrity news these days?
B) Clemence Poesy has a Chanel Reissue and a few other flaps. Most of these famous people own a flap anyway.
C) Chiara Ferragni has Fendi Peekaboo with Fendi monster. #cute
D) Kardashian Klan with their painted Birkins. I almost painted mine after I've seen the one North painted for Kim, but I thought better of it and hired a legit artist.

15 Ever bought a bag just because you've seen it on someone?
A) Nope. I have my own checklist. Things I need and what to look for. I treat my every shopping like a grocery shopping.
B) No. But I have a competitive cousin who copies my style. A waste of her money though.
C) I'd love to say I set the trend. Sometimes I do take a hint from bloggers, but never a blatant copy.
D) First, it was Paris. Then it's Kim. Now I'm debating on hiring a stylist of my own.

16 Do you ask anyone's opinion when buying a bag?
A) No. But I do read reviews on the wear and tear on each one.
B) My mom. We talk about these things and share some bags.
C) Instagram, twitter, snapchat, and youtube. I always post photo of a bag I'm interested in and see what my followers and fellow bloggers think about it.
D) My group of besties. Sometimes I ask the SAs.

17 Do you sell your bags once they are no longer trendy?
A) I don't follow fashion that much. But if I'm done with a bag, I donate it.
B) Trends come and go. I keep most my bags. It's cool when a trend comes back and you have an older version. It's unique. It also sets me apart from trend followers who wears everything from whatever the current season is offering.
C) Sell. I need to get the money for new bags. These designers just keep popping them out. Sometimes I do giveaway to gain followers.
D) I never sell. That's desperate. I send someone else to sell it for me if I need the money. But putting it up for a charity auction is a great way to stay in the social scene.

18 What's the biggest purchase you've made?
A) Saint Laurent SDJ
B) Chanel Reissue. It's a bit more expensive than the Classic, but I love it.
C) B25. I bought it online and had it authenticated.
D) One of those exotic Birkins

19 What do you think of exotic skin?
A) Just no. Farming animal causes pollution. And I've seen Peta VDOs. Just no.
B) I have had one croc bag from years ago. But after seeing Peta VDOs, I've decided to never buy exotic leather ever again.
C) You eat a cow. Don't judge me for carrying a croc bag.
D) I'm the real life Cruella de Vil. Fur and exotic leathers are essentials.

20 Last one. What do you think of fake bags?
A) Illegal, period.
B) Disrespectful towards real artists. It's just unfair.
C) It's fashion crime.
D) I used to have some when I was younger. But now I toss them all out and buy authentic only. Seriously, being caught with one is embarrassing.

Here comes the moment you're waiting for. Your answers may fall mostly in one group or equally in two. Don't worry you can be a mix.

A) You are a practical woman who either has already made it to the top or is on her way there.

You are a no nonsense person. You know what you want and go straight for it. People think you're too serious. Sometimes they're right. But most of the time they're so wrong. Just because you are great at organising things and probably have a planner in your bag doesn't mean you don't have fun. Some people can go from work to a night out without having to change. Think about that Practical Chanel flap you've got in caviar leather. Once the work is don't, you roll up your sleeves, let your hair down from a bun, swap out your shoes, and you're ready to go!

Your collection is not very big, but is well thought out. You have everything and every situation covered. There is absolutely no clutter laying around in your closet. Each piece has served or will serve you in several occasions.

B) You are born into a rich family and you have great, stable income.

You are a rich kid. Your family is very well off and you work hard to keep the legacy going strong. Exposed to designers at a young age, you have a rather developed taste. It makes you seem snobbish sometimes because there're trends you just choose to skip and some people just don't get why you can't just dress like them. Some days people think you're so stylish mixing vintage and new pieces together and you wonder why. It's not your intention to look so effortlessly chic. You have a huge decision to make for your family company, a family vacation to plan, and a party to attend. With all those things to do, you just choose from what you have and go.

Your collection is quite big. It consists of family heirlooms, mom's hand me downs, grandma's gift, and some new pieces your dad let you buy on birthdays, new years, and whatever. Your closet is somewhat organised. But there are a few things out of place here and there making your room really lived in. You take care of your things but don't baby them. There are some pieces that are for keep sake and special occasions though.

C) You are a trend setter or at least, that's what you've told yourself and those who ask.

You love fashion. You follow it religiously. Sometimes you go to a shopping mall asking yourself what Carrie Bradshaw would wear. You quote Gossip Girl and you have identity crisis when it's come to Blair or Serena. You collect all the It bags seen on social media. You're one of those people who use Hermes raincoat on a Birkin and people look at you as if you were crazy. Maybe you are, but you want to keep everything in a tip top condition. What's wrong with that? But if vintage becomes a trend, you buy an actual vintage because who has time to age a bag themselves? You buy bags from sites like Fashionphile if you can't get them in boutiques. Fashion cannot wait. What? It's a fact.

Your collection is like a miniature version of the Vogue closet. Yes, you like your money where you can see it. The only thing keeping your collection from exploding out of your chic downtown apartment is the fact that you keep selling things that are out to either make money or room for new trends.

D) You love pop culture drama and you think life is worthy of a reality tv show.

You enjoy celebrity news to the point of being a little on the scary side and you follow all of them on social media. You idolise Kim Kardashian but wish for Paris Hilton to make a come back. Admit it. Juicy Couture tracksuits are cheaper and more comfortable than Louboutin heels and Birkin bags. You wish you were born rich or married to a rich guy who pays for everything. Why? Your day job and part time one all go to your Birkin funds and you haven't paid your rent for over two months. Some people think you are a social climber or an attention seeking wh***. The vegans absolutely hate you and they would camp outside your house to protest if they know where you live. But you don't care. If you can't live in a Disney movie, you're going to make up for it with a reality show. Maybe on YouTube.

Your collection is vast and excessive. You have a repeat item in many colours. Hey! You love your Birkins. You turn a guest bedroom into your walk in closet because everyday is a runway show. And if you sell everything from that closet, you can probably buy another house and pay your rent for the next five years.

So what's your style? I'm mostly a Rich kid (B). Let me know below.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tacky Ways to Wear Chanel and How to Avoid Them

Every girl dreams of owning a Chanel classic flap bag. Some prefer a medium and some opt for a jumbo. Then there's a hardware debate between the younger looking silver and the classic gold. But either size and either hardware, you can't go wrong with a Chanel bag because it's such a classic staple. But then there are ways you can actually go very wrong when picking some other things to go with that perfect bag.

The most hideous thing I have ever found in Chanel boutique that a ton of girls are wearing together with their Chanel bag a lot is the CC brooch. As much as I love Coco Chanel, putting her initial on my chest is too much. With a CC turn lock on one of the most recognisable bags in the world, adding a huge CC to your outfit seems desperate. It's like you want to everyone to know you have a Chanel piece. It's like a clash of logos. And the tackier way to wear the brooch with the bag is when a girl talks about her two Chanel things too often. Yes, I know you have a Chanel addiction. I have it, too. Hello, I'm writing about Chanel here! But no, you don't need to flash it every chance you get.

The second thing is any pair of CC earrings. Yes, you can guess it from what I've written before. You can love Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld to death, but you do not want to look like a mannequin on a Chanel window display. It lacks life. It represents only one designer brand. It is dressed and arranged by other people. It doesn't have personality. Use your creativity and show the world you can and will put an awesome outfit together without looking like you're being sponsored. We know you aren't.  To make this earrings and bag combination worse? Some girls keep saying that they're so "French" wearing them. No. The last few times I was in Paris, I don't see Chanel earrings anywhere on the lovely locals.

The third is to clash Chanel logo with many other logos. I have seen this many times and it is the most horrifying thing you can do to your outfit. Usually, a few rich tourists do commit this fashion crime in Paris. They would wear Burberry trench coat with flipped collar to show that it's Burberry. To add more logos, they would wear an H belt from Hermes. Then they carry either Hermes Birkin, Hermes Kelly, Chanel Classic, or Louis Vuitton monogram anything, because those are the most recognisable bags from top three French designer houses. Add either Chanel ballet flats or Louboutin heels and you have a huge clash of classic that ends up looking helpless. Some even manage to put on Cartier Love bracelets in stack to both side of their wrists and a diamond Rolex watch. It makes me wonder if and when these people will start wearing a few watches at the same time because it proves that they can afford them. And to make it worse, they think they look like Gossip Girl characters. No, you don't. Blair and Serena do wear designer pieces. But you would never them in those mentioned outfits.

Last but not least is when someone thinks a Chanel bag or brooch can save a sloppy outfit. No it doesn't. It can elevate an outfit, but nothing can save you if you wear a pair of sweatpants that say sexy on the back with a tank top that plunges down to your bellybutton and a cheaply made glittery baseball cap with slogan. You cannot choose an ugly outfit and proclaim it effortless chic. The fact that you dress that way on purpose makes it full of effort. And it's not cheap and chic either. You can go to a dollar store or a thrift shop can come out with a decent outfit. So dressing like you randomly picking things from other people's trash can isn't chic. And when you put so much effort to look cheap, you can't just fix it by adding something from Chanel.

Ok, I just let it all out. Let's move on to how to avoid these things.

The first rule is to avoid wearing Chanel everything. Pick something you like and fits your lifestyle and personality. Chanel logo is beautiful, but a few of it in obvious parts of the outfit is too much. Don't wear CC brooch, CC earrings, CC sunglasses, and CC flap bags together. Yes, I write that on purpose. Now you see how redundant it is when you put on too many CC's.

The second rule is to choose only one or two recognisable item per outfit. True story. I have seen a woman in a bandage dress with Chanel brooch, Hermes Birkin bag, tons of Cartier Love bracelets, diamond Rolex watch, and louboutin heels at a wedding. Each piece is a classic on its own. But together, they look horrendous enough to sink a ship. To make the matter worse, her hair is sprayed to death and it doesn't move even when she walks up the stairs. Poor little children are also quite scared of her heavily contouring and fake nails.

The last rule is not to wear ugly things thinking they look cool. So many people think they are so stylish when they wear something different, something no one else is wearing. Different is good. I love unique pieces. But when a piece is so universally ugly that no one wears it or makes it, putting it on will not help you start a trend. And adding a Chanel to that outfit will not makes it stylish or classy.

There you have it, my honest opinion. Have fun dressing up!